What a week it’s been, my WOTW could go on for hours and sadly about nothing too humorous, it’s been a very long and tiring week. Its the end of financial year which means long mentally draining hours, dealing with constant demands at work and home and the never ending ear bashing of politics with our looming election, i’m feeling grumpy! Tonight I have no mojo so my evening entails the couch a good bottle of red and homemade pizza……..

Knowing that the contents of my fridge would not hold all the edible ingredients I needed for tonight’s pizzas I did a quick trip to the shops earlier. Spinach , mushrooms, chicken, some flat pita bread, shredded cheese and  bocconcini at home in the fridge these pizzas are going to be yum.

Pizza making is about to begin and I open my fridge to get the cheese and what meets me at the fridge door is a familiar sight. A busy week means; horded leftovers, some furry friends and by the end of the week I have a couple of science experiments in progress.
Is your fridge like mine? You don’t have to admit to the furry friends or the hidden science experiments but surely you have leftovers! We all think yes I will heat that up tomorrow, the kids can put that on a sandwich, I’ll save that for later. I’m my worst enemy when it comes to my fridge, I know no one else is going to clean it or empty its contents when it needs it…it’s left for me to clean and yet i’m the one who is filling it.

I actually put off looking in there sometimes, guiltily knowing that when I open the door some of the contents have grown eyes and they’re staring at me as I try not to make eye contact.  Generally I know when I need to hold a funeral as most things have died. My fridge is known for mass funerals, I tend to accumulate bodies and things just get crowded as the furry bodies are starting to shrivel. The terrible part is in all of this I am the only person I can blame, and each time I clean the fridge after the dead bodies have been removed I always make an oath to myself that next week I will eat that bowl of spaghetti, or those last 2 carrots and the small leftover piece of pumpkin.
………But I never do, maybe my alter ego is a mad scientist who has a thing for killing her experiments and feels a sense of pleasure in holding a funerals?….HA HA ….Yes I have issues and………. yes I need to clean my fridge.

HA HA HA , …….My fridge isn’t really that bad….but it does need a clean…

To lighten this evening and leave on a higher note I will leave you with my yummy pizza recipe and I promise no furry friends are part of the process in making these little beauties.

The Best Mini Pizza


  • Pack of small Pita Breads
  • Pizza Paste
  • Bag of Spinach
  • Punnet of sliced mushrooms
  • A cooked chicken
  • Pineapple
  •  Bocconcini
  • Shredded cheese
Put all the ingredients in the order above on the Pita Breads and cook for 10-15Mins in a moderate oven.

You won’t be disappointed, I promise you!


This weeks wine of the week is an imported wine and I felt the name of the wine just fitted my week, as all week I have dealt with some ” Arrogant Frog” Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot


Nice bottle of wine, a bit of surprise actually I’m not normally a merlot fan. My most favorite part apart from sipping on this lovely red is the bottles label. I love it

Cheers to all the “arrogant frogs” I dealt with this week!

WOTW W4Arrogrant Frog

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