I was chatting with a friend the other day and she was telling me how her close friend had decided this week that she and her husband were packing up and moving to a cattle station up north, she was going to be the “Station Cook” and her husband was going to be the “Gardener!”……….. I asked a little confused, ” Wow…..so ….are they cattle people ?  Why are they moving?” Cheryl replied “My friend is an amazing person and she will always try new things,  loves adventures and not afraid to do something a little different. Her husband has been working away and she was tired of being left at home stuck with life’s routine day in day out……and thought this time NO I’m coming!  ….. it’s time for a change……”

I was a little speechless, ” Wow” I said to Cheryl, “This is awesome, ……so they have just decided this, that’s what they’re are going to do and they will head off?” she said “Yes they sure are,  they have two adult sons who will be staying to look after the property and they’re going off on this amazing adventure.”

I drove home that afternoon and thought “why not”, this is great, people living life and stepping into the unknown, to seek adventure. How inspiring, take a plunge occasionally and live this gift we have been given called life! We spend to much of our life waiting for life to happen and before we know it, its over.

Life is an inevitable beginning and ending with a small window of in-between. For most of us, day in day out we become creatures of routine, raised in a world that is forged by pattern. From childhood into our adult years, seeking a successful career, buying your first home, marriage, family…..this becomes “Life’s mud map”

I wonder is life something we ever really stop and think about? Are we all just on auto pilot and allowing life to run its programed course? Are we restrained by what we must do in contrast to what we want to do?……. Then sadly before we know it life has slipped through our fingers. I’m not saying that the mud map of life is wrong. I am however questioning whether we are forgetting some important details in between. Are we afraid of being different or trying something new? What holds us back from reaching for the stars? What is so hard about dreaming big and stepping out of our comfort zone and making life what you want it to be?

Today I challenge you to stop what you are doing, open your mind and reflect. Ask yourself, What are my dreams? What are my ambitions? Do I have goals? Am I where I want to be? And more importantly am I heading in the direction i need to be to reach my desired end result?
This does not mean you have to pack up and move to a cattle station in the middle of nowhere, but it might mean you need to stop and think about what’s important to you, set some short and long term goals. Take the time do something for yourself that makes you feel great, makes your soul smile and live this gift you have been given.

Follow your heart, listen to your voice within and make your dreams a reality!

Go find your treasure!


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