When I think of this week’s whine of the week , it does one thing……… it makes my body shudder as it echoes dribble! ………….Sadly Im a victim of this crime and this week my memories of those dreaded moments came flooding back.

Now before you read this blog I will warn you and in particular the male readers of WOTW. …..Men please don’t take this to heart but rather get in touch with your feminine side, I’m just having a little whine and chuckle on behalf of the beautiful women of this world as I know they understand my agony and sadly we know you are to blame.

Firstly let me enlighten you to my conversation regarding dribble and how it all came about.

On Thursday afternoon as I was packing up my desk for the day, I was discussing with a colleague about my whine of the week and how I had a few ideas, three blogs in fact written but I just wasn’t sold.

One subject in particular I really felt had to be blogged but I was a little hesitant, I had wondered if speaking of such things could be possible? If other women had experienced my misery?  Was this something I could share with the world?

My colleague implored, “Oh Angie please, what is it about? Tell me! ” With that invitation I just couldn’t resist and thought why not share and see what response I receive so I went on to explain……………You see I seem to have an issue that I just find unbearably annoying, I’m actually bemused as to how or why this even occurs. Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge in the complexity and mechanics of the male watering system, but surely its not that difficult….. how bloody hard is it for the male species to hit a target and have such useless aim when nature calls.

I live with two boys and I know when they were toddlers they were learning.  Being a woman I didn’t have any tips or tricks but I would imagine the most important being to aim in the chosen direction and never let go. As my boys were learning to master this skill I even went to the extreme during our toilet training to incorporate ping pong balls as target practice and yes it was such a success and novelty that accidents were a rare occasion. Now you would think after years of practice and hard work in mastering this ability 18 years later they would have this skill down pat, but sadly I am left thinking otherwise. This isn’t just about lack of ability to hit the target but more importantly the frustrating aftermath….. The evil dribble and drops that are sometimes left behind!!!

My whine list could go on and on…… shut the lid when you’re finished, replace the toilet roll when its empty, dont throw the empty toilet roll on the floor put it in the bin and the dribble on the seat and guaranteed drops on the floor……….OMG well surely you can sort that out.
The worst part is I don’t just encounter this at home……No this happens everywhere! Even this week at work we had a visitor drop into our office whom asked to use our toilet………… and yes you guessed it, I go an hour later and I find my way so easily………I just followed the drops he had left behind.

My colleague just stood there for a moment, her expression across her face was hilarious with her eyebrows raised she cracked up in laugher…….HA HA HA HA …… “ Oh gross …….Yes I know what you mean……Men!……  I just don’t understand why they do this? How hard is it?” …….Our lovely cleaning lady had walked in midway conversation and added with a smirk across her face……..I know exactly what your talking about ladies and there is nothing worse than walking into the toilet wearing a pair of dry clean socks, only to leave wearing a pair of wet ones……….Men and Dribble drops!!!!….I live with three…and  I know what dribble is! HA HA HA…….We all then roared in laughter.

Well today I have great sympathy to my fellow women out there whom endure wet socks and that cold patch of dribble you may accidently sit in, I completely understand your torture!

Ladies don’t lose heart, I guess it can’t get much worse……. it can only get better…… in the meantime maybe invest in a pair of gumboots and wet weather gear.

For the lovely men in our lives……..  next time??… well I hope after this you now know what to do!

In Hope


Wine of the week 

This weeks wine of the week is a bottle of Cab Sav ” Burge Wines” South Australia.
This bottle was a very sweet gift from my lovely friend Cheryl whom has found a laugh within WOTW and wanted to contribute to my weekly writing with a bottle of Red
Thank you Cheryl xx

The bottle was purchased from Dan Murphy’s, price $Gift, A lovely red, easy to drink and such a lovely surprise.

Give it a shot! http://www.grantburgewines.com.au/


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