My Whine of the week takes me back to Tuesday evening when I was whizzing through the aisles of the supermarket doing groceries. Being the shopper of the house I have the tiresome task of being creative. Each day producing something nourishing and edible as well as something different instead of the same old meat & vege……. Yes groceries & cooking drive me batty as well as kids who ask “What’s for dinner Mum?”………

Mentally ticking off the list in my head (written lists I lose) I think to myself, Steak, Veggies, Pasta, Chicken, Rice………Ummmmm…..  maybe I might have a go at cooking Indian or Thai……finally I think I have the weekly menu sorted and master chief Mum is under control.

With a trolley of dinners planned I entered the first of my two favourite aisles, “Biscuits and coffee” I love this aisle, the oh so sweet biscuits and especially with a good coffee. The chocolate and lollies aisle is next, it’s an aisle of necessity where the always needed trusty block of chocolate lives.  These two favourite aisles never leave me disappointed, there is always a new variety or flavour, we are spoilt for choice and being a sweet tooth I always look forward to trying something new.
This week I’m confronted with an array of choices, lollies, chocolate and biscuits….. Mmmmm………..and after much debate I decided on good old favourites……..a block of chocolate and a pack of original flavour Tim tams …….”Yum”, with the shopping complete and I head home.

The week quickly passes and its Thursday evening, tonight’s dish is chicken korma, rice and green beans.  As I was cooking like most nights I did the check in, “Yes” my Tim Tams were still there still waiting for me and the packet hadn’t moved from Tuesday. As I shut the pantry door I thought to myself tonight is the night, I’m eating Tim Tams!

Dinner is eaten, the dishes are washed, and I’ve decided it’s time to relax. I proceed to sit down on the couch with a glass of red in hand but before I do I jump up in excitement remembering my desert that is waiting for me. I head to the panty to fulfil my desire, I open the pantry door and look to the shelf where I placed the Tim Tams.  I pick up the Tim Tams with such delight, and with sudden groan I notice the packet felt light….. OMG…. the packet has been opened, it was facing the other way and I didn’t notice, this was deliberate.
I cant’t let this hamper my eagerness as I pulled out the plastic tray hoping to at least find one or two Tim tams to satisfy my cravings……..And in that moment my heart sank, empty and desuetude, someone had scoffed the entire pack and left nothing but a shell.

I had been conned, all week I looked as my eyes always caught what i thought the untouched packet still sitting there so neatly and full looking, but unbeknown to my gullibility someone had so sneakily eaten every Tim Tam, and didn’t even leave me a crumb.

As I sat there suffering from Tim Tam withdrawal I had only one thought, my house had entered a new era, we had entered an ice age and now I must hide my food if I had planned to survive……..well survive at least a sugar craving.

The next day I was chatting to a friend over the Tim tam event that had changed life as we  know it. I had explained in destitute detail how I had entered an ice age and if I was going to survive my cravings as a woman, mother and sometimes a nut job that I would have to start stashing my supplies. She laughed as I asked her… Does this happen at your house? Are you stashing and hiding your favourite treats?
Her reply at first made me feel better…… Yes she too had become a stasher, but her next words have haunted me ever since …………You do realise we are turning into our mothers, don’t you remember how they use to hide chocolates and lollies too…………
and with those words I’m not sure what was worse, knowing I entered an Ice age or I was turning into my mother.

All I know is, I’m stashing next week’s supply , this Tim Tam craving is killing me and there is no way on earth I’m turning into my mother……..

This week’s Wine of the week is a bottle of Cab Sav  “You Lead the way, Epic Distinctive Friends get things done”


FullSizeRender-1 This bottle of Cab Sav has the most intriguing label, Its very individual and without a lot of detail. The only thing I could find on the bottle was the webiste

The bottle I purchased from BWS $18, An absolutely beautiful smooth red, and moreish aftertaste, without a doubt I will be purchasing again.

Try it you wont be disappointed, as you can see by my picture I brought a few!

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