There’s a magical feeling of unwrapping a block of chocolate, a sense of excitement and delight. The mouth-watering anticipation that takes over you as your taste buds wait in torment.

A feeling builds up inside you as you open the wrapper an uncontrollable desire to drown your existence with the decadent beauty in your hands .

With your first bite your endorphin’s run wild, its instant and exotic, biting into the rich, dense and creamy pleasure.

A longing lingers your satisfaction not met, as you finish the second row, questioning the thought for more as you lick your fingers engulfed in chocoholic day-dream.

“Yes” you whisper as you decide just to indulge in a little more…… one more row,….it won’t hurt….

Feeling slightly ill you look over to see what was once a full block and now devoured shame. You feel a sense of guilt rising , you were seduced, you gave into your guilty pleasure, gave into the forbidden fruit.

Chocolate it’s an addictive indulgence with an instant satisfaction and its origin derives from a place many wouldn’t know.
Hiding deep under the canopy of the rain forest, stands a tree clumped along a river bank. Encompassed by green leaves, white flowers and large colorful pods, the cocoa tree is a furtive surprise which holds the secret ingredient …..the cocoa bean.

Now please with this knowledge no longer be alarmed, deprivation from our guilty pleasure should no longer exist……… ” Chocolate was found in a rain-forest” a gift from Mother Nature her self ……… “Eat thy Chocolate”she said “its a plant a thy fruit, for you to consume in abundance and not a guilty sin.”

I say “Eat thy Chocolate….. but don’t stuff thy face”


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