Fridays and a glass of red it’s like a match made in heaven, its my favorite day of the working week and thank goodness it’s finally over. The Long weekend is upon us which is such a delight to my ears. I have a few things planned for the weekend but for tonight while my children are out I have opted for a peaceful night in. The evening is a perfect night to stay home and catch up on some tasks , with wind and rain battering against my windows I knew I had made the right choice.  Into my Pjs I quickly transformed , with a glass of red in hand …..I thought to myself ……Tonight Im going to tackle the washing and fold the wretched clothes!…..

Being a parent comes with many tasks one in particular the washing, from everyday clothes, footy gear, work uniforms and towels the pile seems endless. It’s a horrid chore and I actually hate it! It’s not so much the washing I hate it’s the dreaded folding I loathe. I find when I undertake this menial task, I anticipate whats ahead always knowing what’s coming once I reach the bottom of the basket. Every time without doubt this task not only leaves me frustrated but mystified, let me share with you my reasons why……….

Every day I collect the washing from around our home, bedrooms, bathrooms and the odd piece left lying around.  The washing is washed, dried and put in a basket ready for folding. A couple of times a week I will grab the clean basket of clothes empty the contents on the table and proceed to fold it, and you can be pretty much guaranteed, that each time i do this that I will be always missing blasted socks……

As I find these lonely socks left without there mates, there is only one person I blame….and  his name is the “Sock Monster” He lurks in my house stealing socks which are never to be found again. Week in week out without fail he rummages through my washing, pinching socks that captures his delight. I don’t understand his fascination and I just dont know why…….why does the sock monster pinch our socks and why does he only ever take one sock leaving its pair behind?  ……
Now don’t you laugh because  I know I am not the only household who has this intruder! His brother loiters next door and Im pretty sure you have one hiding at your house too!

My frustration drives me wild it’s something I can’t ignore, especially when I succumb to the “Sock Monster Curse” and I end up in a desperate moment where I have no choice but to wear odd socks too!

So as I sip on my wine and contemplate the remnants of yet another sock thieving incident, I have a plan, tomorrow I am going to buy up bulk in only one style of sock and colour so im never left with an odd sock again! ……. and I swear dear Sock Monster if I ever catch you on one of your sock pillages in my house i hope to god for your sake you own a pair of shoes so you can run!

Thats my whine of the week… HA HA HA

This weeks more important Wine of the week Cabernet Sauvigon “Red Knot

I  selected a bottle of Cabernet Sauvigon “Red Knot” from Shingleback Mclaren Vale.       This week on my wine hunt I was drawn to the wine labels. I love wine labels and to be honest allot of the time I think they are what sell me the bottles I choose. I love trying new  wines and I’m always looking for something different. I was drawn to the bottle of Red Knot by its sense of elegance and intrigue and I wasn’t left disappointed, its a lovely wine smooth and rich which accompanied my rack of lamb impeccably well.

Advertised in BWS for normally $17 dollars a bottle and this week on special 2 bottles for $26 I couldn’t pass the offer. The Red was a perfect drop!Give it a go, I will be certainly enjoying my second bottle tomorrow night.

13434063_10154265516298276_1443653457_n Region:  McLaren Vale
Varietal:  Cabernet Sauvignon Knot: A rich wine from the McLaren Vale region of South Australia. As stated on the bottle Vibrant in colour and highly aromatic, this intensely varietal Cabernet Sauvignon displays ripe blackberry fruit and subtly framed with French and American Oak.

Thats this weeks whine …wine…up enjoy your weekend!

– AP

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