Email, Text, Facebook, Snap Chat, the list goes on, life is a constant interaction by the tech world. Waiting anxiously for our next message, how will we receive it? And from whom? Technology has given us a way to communicate from our finger tips, within an instant we can send a message to a recipient that we may not have had the ability to say out loud. Is this healthy? Are we hiding behind our screens, are we losing touch with the real world and each other.

In a room of people,  my own family, sometimes my friends, I can guarantee that pretty much the majority of us will have our phones out and its always a distraction, even sometimes intruding quality time with periods of silence as we are all check our phones scrolling through the latest news feeds, checking and replying to messages. What are we becoming? A disconnected race of people always too busy and caught up in our online/tech world, whilst ignoring the flesh and blood in front of us.

Think about the times when you have ended up in a text war, back and forth a chaos of words, not ever really getting anywhere or achieving a healthy outcome, just creating dialogue of words that you both can read forever sometimes words that you may have wished you didn’t send and now you cant delete. Sadly I think of the times when I have sent messages to a partner, friend and even a family member and I received a response in anger or hurt because they have taken my words the wrong way, miss interpreted the meaning of my original text, how easy this is done. Why? Because sometimes texting is not always the best way to deliver the words sometimes you actually need to say them.

I think we can read something and take it in many ways, just like you can write something in many way. But I guess the advantage with saying it out loud is that the receiver has the opportunity to ask for clarity without words getting mumbled and jumbled and lost in-between, there is a realness in someone saying how they feel out loud and I think we are forgetting this. As a writer I do believe that sometimes there are times when you can write something that is fitting and they are words that need to be read, they can mean so much more reading them,  letting them fill your soul, its a special gift putting words together for someone to read, they can uplift move a person’s heart.

We all need to remember to pick what is fitting for the time and circumstance and if its something that needs to be said then say it. We need to take the time and stop disconnecting  from the immediate world around us, put down your phone, turn it on silent,  the message , notification, email will be waiting for you later, the person in front of you needs your attention now. Our Tech world is part of us now and it’s our future, but  don’t forget some things need to be said out loud sometimes its just what the heart needs to hear.

Oppps… I just got a message, catch ya


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