Have you ever met your inner lion? I’m sure you have! I have met mine on a few occasions and sometimes I have found her by surprise. She is fierce, strong, and never afraid, her presences fills my soul with a spirit that nothing is impossible. In fact when I think about her and reflect on our encounters I have met her many times, she has become a close friend and allie her name is “Courage.”

“Courage” lives deep within my heart, she sleeps and stirs on occasion but for the majority she lays in wait. Sometimes I feel her move and my heart will thud, she seems to know when I’m needing her to be awake. Watching, listening she waits so patiently ready to pounce, sometimes for days only ever taking one step at a time giving me that needed nudge. I have in hard times mistakenly lost faith in my ability to believe that she has will always guide me and I lower my head in doubt. In those moments when I thought all was hopeless, she will immerse my spirit by taking control, filling me with strength, whilst carrying me through my darkest days.

I wanted to tell you about her today because she is so important to me and I know you have your own inner lion too. I think we forget sometimes that our lions lay waiting,  hidden deep within our hearts,  always ready for battle, giving us strength to overcome any storm in life.

Never be afraid, never give up, your inner lion “Courage” will always lead you along the path, for her nothing is impossible!  Always believe in her because she never stops believing in you.



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