I was walking down the street earlier this week and as I crossed at the lights my eyes were drawn to read the front of a young woman’s T-shirt that said in bold letters “Burn Fat not Oil … I repeated the words in my mind “Burn Fat not Oil” and it made me wonder what it meant. As I walked my way back to my car the words kept rolling over in my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder the meaning,  what was it telling me? Some of you may have crossed the road that day and not even noticed the image/words in front of you, but for some of you it may have opened up many questions like it did in my mind. Firstly the point of the words and its meaning, but also how we live in a world where we are constantly confronted with images of all kinds, some we know meaning of, some you may not even notice and for some of us you may be just left wondering what was that all about? WTH?

So before I researched the words to soothe my curious mind I thought I would ponder what the words might mean to me “Burn Fat not Oil “For a person who loves Health & Fitness  I couldn’t help but come up with my conclusion… it was my first thought …. I questioned, do we spend so much time burning oil and never ever-burning the fat? We spend numerous amounts of dollars on magic pills and formulas hoping and wishing that the next magic pill that we purchase will just burn that fat away for us, whilst all we are doing is burning our oil (money). Little do we realise that there is no magic pill, there is no magic formula, we all have the answers, its simple,  but we are all too lazy to even try a little hard yards and instead search for a quick fix with little or no long-term result and the end product being a wounded bank account.

So before I get carried away with my made up idea of the meaning to the image/words,  I Googled the meaning, (I Google everything) “Burn Fat Not Oil” comes in a variety of stickers & T-shirt’s with images of Bikes, walkers, promoting you to leave your car at home when possible to Burn Fat and Not Oil . This is fantastic! what a great saying  directed at your Health & well-being and also saving our environment.

So today I leave you with some thoughts to ponder on

Take notice of what the world is showing you, are there things you’re missing out on because you don’t look at the finer detail, do you ever read between the lines?  Open your mind, sometimes there is more to see than the obvious and it may also have so many meanings, there is nothing wrong with pondering and opening your mind to all possibilities.

Stop looking for a magic pill or formula you have the answers, it just takes a little hard work, you might actually be surprised by the results and you will stop burning your oil and start burning the fat!

And to the real meaning behind the these words,  Get out on your bike, walk to the shops all the locations you can,  get fit and active whilst saving our environment “Burn Fat Not Oil”

Now I’m off to get myself one of these  T-shirts

Embrace & Enjoy


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