The Blame Game


Over the last few weeks I’ve had a few personal things going on which has highlighted my thought patterns at times and how I had them wrong. It’s not the first time I have thought about this issue, we seem to deal with it everyday and probably without realisation.  I was first enlightened to the thinking error during a therapy session, but I still seem to struggle. I’m just not great at it yet and seems to be something so easily forgotten in everyday life situations.

How many times have you thought to yourself far out this person is making me feel like absolute S!#@, what is their problem………This person could have said something to you, looked at you, or not even noticed you and all of a sudden you’re swarming with feelings and your mind is racing with thoughts. Your thinking he doesn’t like me, she’s making me feel sad, he’s making me feel angry,  they’re making me feel annoyed. Every day we find people who are making us feel all sorts of feelings.

Many of you are probably nodding your head in agreement, and I can pretty much guarantee that you and I and everyone else who’s reading this blog right now, has had those exact (or similar) thoughts run through their mind at some stage today! And I can be certain that you’re all probably sitting there blaming someone for making you feel horrible!

If you’re not already aware of this profound understanding, I’m here to break it to you. Sadly we are in fact the ones to blame and let me explain why ……….
We all have beliefs and expectations which influence how we see things and our perception of how things should be. How we believe people should treat us, how we think they are going to react and what outcome we want. Our belief system is already in place and it strongly influences our feelings and emotions about the person/situation when things happen and our reactions and most of importantly our thoughts which………Yes are the driving force of your feelings!

Thoughts= Feelings

At work I have a co-worker, who is pretty much known as Alf Stewart from Home and Away (Aussie TV show)- hot headed, gruff and can be moody. Sometimes he will walk into my office, his presence I can feel as soon as he walks through the door, I immediately sense irritation, annoyance and gruffness! When he is like this he will speak in an abrupt manner……. Yep!…. Nup!……Where is it?…. Huh?……His words are very short.
Early days my initial thoughts were…….Oh no…….. Have I done something wrong? He hates me, I would feel horrible, he would make me feel the worst ever my mind would run wild with fabricated thoughts and feelings all blaming myself for his behaviour.
Over time due to some self-discovery and understanding, I have learnt to think differently. Recognising that I am responsible for my feelings and thoughts and not allowing his actions, words and sometimes grumpy persona to inhibit my thoughts which then make me feel awful. I now recognise that well hey, his emotions are his, maybe he has a lot going on in his life. Maybe he is stressed and doesn’t know how control his emotions,  or maybe he is just having a bad day. When things are noticeably bad I have asked is everything ok, can I assist, and he softens with this approach and his manner will change. Most importantly I’m feeling fine, and not bothered by his behaviour knowing it’s him and not me.

When we take responsibility for our thoughts, we then can be in control of our feelings. Next time your feelings are in disarray and your thoughts are running crazy in your mind. Actually stop and think twice before you make it into drama or someone else’s fault.  Go to the source of your feelings, capture your thoughts and take responsibility for them. Yes sometimes we don’t hear or see what we want but that’s ok. Others may have good reason as to their actions/reactions because, like you they to have a belief system in place. And by reacting in a certain way to ensure we don’t add to a situation in a negative way, we instead take control and become aware and see a new perspective not only through our eyes but also through the eyes of others.

Stop pointing your finger and blaming others for how you are feeling, take responsibility an become aware! Own your beliefs, feelings and actions as your’s! And most importantly, stop the blame game.

Life will be so much easier without it!


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WOTW……and a long one its been

What a week it’s been, my WOTW could go on for hours and sadly about nothing too humorous, it’s been a very long and tiring week. Its the end of financial year which means long mentally draining hours, dealing with constant demands at work and home and the never ending ear bashing of politics with our looming election, i’m feeling grumpy! Tonight I have no mojo so my evening entails the couch a good bottle of red and homemade pizza……..

Knowing that the contents of my fridge would not hold all the edible ingredients I needed for tonight’s pizzas I did a quick trip to the shops earlier. Spinach , mushrooms, chicken, some flat pita bread, shredded cheese and  bocconcini at home in the fridge these pizzas are going to be yum.

Pizza making is about to begin and I open my fridge to get the cheese and what meets me at the fridge door is a familiar sight. A busy week means; horded leftovers, some furry friends and by the end of the week I have a couple of science experiments in progress.
Is your fridge like mine? You don’t have to admit to the furry friends or the hidden science experiments but surely you have leftovers! We all think yes I will heat that up tomorrow, the kids can put that on a sandwich, I’ll save that for later. I’m my worst enemy when it comes to my fridge, I know no one else is going to clean it or empty its contents when it needs it…it’s left for me to clean and yet i’m the one who is filling it.

I actually put off looking in there sometimes, guiltily knowing that when I open the door some of the contents have grown eyes and they’re staring at me as I try not to make eye contact.  Generally I know when I need to hold a funeral as most things have died. My fridge is known for mass funerals, I tend to accumulate bodies and things just get crowded as the furry bodies are starting to shrivel. The terrible part is in all of this I am the only person I can blame, and each time I clean the fridge after the dead bodies have been removed I always make an oath to myself that next week I will eat that bowl of spaghetti, or those last 2 carrots and the small leftover piece of pumpkin.
………But I never do, maybe my alter ego is a mad scientist who has a thing for killing her experiments and feels a sense of pleasure in holding a funerals?….HA HA ….Yes I have issues and………. yes I need to clean my fridge.

HA HA HA , …….My fridge isn’t really that bad….but it does need a clean…

To lighten this evening and leave on a higher note I will leave you with my yummy pizza recipe and I promise no furry friends are part of the process in making these little beauties.

The Best Mini Pizza


  • Pack of small Pita Breads
  • Pizza Paste
  • Bag of Spinach
  • Punnet of sliced mushrooms
  • A cooked chicken
  • Pineapple
  •  Bocconcini
  • Shredded cheese
Put all the ingredients in the order above on the Pita Breads and cook for 10-15Mins in a moderate oven.

You won’t be disappointed, I promise you!


This weeks wine of the week is an imported wine and I felt the name of the wine just fitted my week, as all week I have dealt with some ” Arrogant Frog” Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot

Nice bottle of wine, a bit of surprise actually I’m not normally a merlot fan. My most favorite part apart from sipping on this lovely red is the bottles label. I love it

Cheers to all the “arrogant frogs” I dealt with this week!

WOTW W4Arrogrant Frog

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Life’s mud map…..are you finding your treasure?

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she was telling me how her close friend had decided this week that she and her husband were packing up and moving to a cattle station up north, she was going to be the “Station Cook” and her husband was going to be the “Gardener!”……….. I asked a little confused, ” Wow… ….are they cattle people ?  Why are they moving?” Cheryl replied “My friend is an amazing person and she will always try new things,  loves adventures and not afraid to do something a little different. Her husband has been working away and she was tired of being left at home stuck with life’s routine day in day out……and thought this time NO I’m coming!  ….. it’s time for a change……”

I was a little speechless, ” Wow” I said to Cheryl, “This is awesome, ……so they have just decided this, that’s what they’re are going to do and they will head off?” she said “Yes they sure are,  they have two adult sons who will be staying to look after the property and they’re going off on this amazing adventure.”

I drove home that afternoon and thought “why not”, this is great, people living life and stepping into the unknown, to seek adventure. How inspiring, take a plunge occasionally and live this gift we have been given called life! We spend to much of our life waiting for life to happen and before we know it, its over.

Life is an inevitable beginning and ending with a small window of in-between. For most of us, day in day out we become creatures of routine, raised in a world that is forged by pattern. From childhood into our adult years, seeking a successful career, buying your first home, marriage, family…..this becomes “Life’s mud map”

I wonder is life something we ever really stop and think about? Are we all just on auto pilot and allowing life to run its programed course? Are we restrained by what we must do in contrast to what we want to do?……. Then sadly before we know it life has slipped through our fingers. I’m not saying that the mud map of life is wrong. I am however questioning whether we are forgetting some important details in between. Are we afraid of being different or trying something new? What holds us back from reaching for the stars? What is so hard about dreaming big and stepping out of our comfort zone and making life what you want it to be?

Today I challenge you to stop what you are doing, open your mind and reflect. Ask yourself, What are my dreams? What are my ambitions? Do I have goals? Am I where I want to be? And more importantly am I heading in the direction i need to be to reach my desired end result?
This does not mean you have to pack up and move to a cattle station in the middle of nowhere, but it might mean you need to stop and think about what’s important to you, set some short and long term goals. Take the time do something for yourself that makes you feel great, makes your soul smile and live this gift you have been given.

Follow your heart, listen to your voice within and make your dreams a reality!

Go find your treasure!


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My WOTW…. 


When I think of this week’s whine of the week , it does one thing……… it makes my body shudder as it echoes dribble! ………….Sadly Im a victim of this crime and this week my memories of those dreaded moments came flooding back.

Now before you read this blog I will warn you and in particular the male readers of WOTW. …..Men please don’t take this to heart but rather get in touch with your feminine side, I’m just having a little whine and chuckle on behalf of the beautiful women of this world as I know they understand my agony and sadly we know you are to blame.

Firstly let me enlighten you to my conversation regarding dribble and how it all came about.

On Thursday afternoon as I was packing up my desk for the day, I was discussing with a colleague about my whine of the week and how I had a few ideas, three blogs in fact written but I just wasn’t sold.

One subject in particular I really felt had to be blogged but I was a little hesitant, I had wondered if speaking of such things could be possible? If other women had experienced my misery?  Was this something I could share with the world?

My colleague implored, “Oh Angie please, what is it about? Tell me! ” With that invitation I just couldn’t resist and thought why not share and see what response I receive so I went on to explain……………You see I seem to have an issue that I just find unbearably annoying, I’m actually bemused as to how or why this even occurs. Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge in the complexity and mechanics of the male watering system, but surely its not that difficult….. how bloody hard is it for the male species to hit a target and have such useless aim when nature calls.

I live with two boys and I know when they were toddlers they were learning.  Being a woman I didn’t have any tips or tricks but I would imagine the most important being to aim in the chosen direction and never let go. As my boys were learning to master this skill I even went to the extreme during our toilet training to incorporate ping pong balls as target practice and yes it was such a success and novelty that accidents were a rare occasion. Now you would think after years of practice and hard work in mastering this ability 18 years later they would have this skill down pat, but sadly I am left thinking otherwise. This isn’t just about lack of ability to hit the target but more importantly the frustrating aftermath….. The evil dribble and drops that are sometimes left behind!!!

My whine list could go on and on…… shut the lid when you’re finished, replace the toilet roll when its empty, dont throw the empty toilet roll on the floor put it in the bin and the dribble on the seat and guaranteed drops on the floor……….OMG well surely you can sort that out.
The worst part is I don’t just encounter this at home……No this happens everywhere! Even this week at work we had a visitor drop into our office whom asked to use our toilet………… and yes you guessed it, I go an hour later and I find my way so easily………I just followed the drops he had left behind.

My colleague just stood there for a moment, her expression across her face was hilarious with her eyebrows raised she cracked up in laugher…….HA HA HA HA …… “ Oh gross …….Yes I know what you mean……Men!……  I just don’t understand why they do this? How hard is it?” …….Our lovely cleaning lady had walked in midway conversation and added with a smirk across her face……..I know exactly what your talking about ladies and there is nothing worse than walking into the toilet wearing a pair of dry clean socks, only to leave wearing a pair of wet ones……….Men and Dribble drops!!!!….I live with three…and  I know what dribble is! HA HA HA…….We all then roared in laughter.

Well today I have great sympathy to my fellow women out there whom endure wet socks and that cold patch of dribble you may accidently sit in, I completely understand your torture!

Ladies don’t lose heart, I guess it can’t get much worse……. it can only get better…… in the meantime maybe invest in a pair of gumboots and wet weather gear.

For the lovely men in our lives……..  next time??… well I hope after this you now know what to do!

In Hope


Wine of the week 

This weeks wine of the week is a bottle of Cab Sav ” Burge Wines” South Australia.
This bottle was a very sweet gift from my lovely friend Cheryl whom has found a laugh within WOTW and wanted to contribute to my weekly writing with a bottle of Red
Thank you Cheryl xx

The bottle was purchased from Dan Murphy’s, price $Gift, A lovely red, easy to drink and such a lovely surprise.

Give it a shot!


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WOTW- Whine…Wine of the week

My Whine of the week takes me back to Tuesday evening when I was whizzing through the aisles of the supermarket doing groceries. Being the shopper of the house I have the tiresome task of being creative. Each day producing something nourishing and edible as well as something different instead of the same old meat & vege……. Yes groceries & cooking drive me batty as well as kids who ask “What’s for dinner Mum?”………

Mentally ticking off the list in my head (written lists I lose) I think to myself, Steak, Veggies, Pasta, Chicken, Rice………Ummmmm…..  maybe I might have a go at cooking Indian or Thai……finally I think I have the weekly menu sorted and master chief Mum is under control.

With a trolley of dinners planned I entered the first of my two favourite aisles, “Biscuits and coffee” I love this aisle, the oh so sweet biscuits and especially with a good coffee. The chocolate and lollies aisle is next, it’s an aisle of necessity where the always needed trusty block of chocolate lives.  These two favourite aisles never leave me disappointed, there is always a new variety or flavour, we are spoilt for choice and being a sweet tooth I always look forward to trying something new.
This week I’m confronted with an array of choices, lollies, chocolate and biscuits….. Mmmmm………..and after much debate I decided on good old favourites……..a block of chocolate and a pack of original flavour Tim tams …….”Yum”, with the shopping complete and I head home.

The week quickly passes and its Thursday evening, tonight’s dish is chicken korma, rice and green beans.  As I was cooking like most nights I did the check in, “Yes” my Tim Tams were still there still waiting for me and the packet hadn’t moved from Tuesday. As I shut the pantry door I thought to myself tonight is the night, I’m eating Tim Tams!

Dinner is eaten, the dishes are washed, and I’ve decided it’s time to relax. I proceed to sit down on the couch with a glass of red in hand but before I do I jump up in excitement remembering my desert that is waiting for me. I head to the panty to fulfil my desire, I open the pantry door and look to the shelf where I placed the Tim Tams.  I pick up the Tim Tams with such delight, and with sudden groan I notice the packet felt light….. OMG…. the packet has been opened, it was facing the other way and I didn’t notice, this was deliberate.
I cant’t let this hamper my eagerness as I pulled out the plastic tray hoping to at least find one or two Tim tams to satisfy my cravings……..And in that moment my heart sank, empty and desuetude, someone had scoffed the entire pack and left nothing but a shell.

I had been conned, all week I looked as my eyes always caught what i thought the untouched packet still sitting there so neatly and full looking, but unbeknown to my gullibility someone had so sneakily eaten every Tim Tam, and didn’t even leave me a crumb.

As I sat there suffering from Tim Tam withdrawal I had only one thought, my house had entered a new era, we had entered an ice age and now I must hide my food if I had planned to survive……..well survive at least a sugar craving.

The next day I was chatting to a friend over the Tim tam event that had changed life as we  know it. I had explained in destitute detail how I had entered an ice age and if I was going to survive my cravings as a woman, mother and sometimes a nut job that I would have to start stashing my supplies. She laughed as I asked her… Does this happen at your house? Are you stashing and hiding your favourite treats?
Her reply at first made me feel better…… Yes she too had become a stasher, but her next words have haunted me ever since …………You do realise we are turning into our mothers, don’t you remember how they use to hide chocolates and lollies too…………
and with those words I’m not sure what was worse, knowing I entered an Ice age or I was turning into my mother.

All I know is, I’m stashing next week’s supply , this Tim Tam craving is killing me and there is no way on earth I’m turning into my mother……..

This week’s Wine of the week is a bottle of Cab Sav  “You Lead the way, Epic Distinctive Friends get things done”


FullSizeRender-1 This bottle of Cab Sav has the most intriguing label, Its very individual and without a lot of detail. The only thing I could find on the bottle was the webiste

The bottle I purchased from BWS $18, An absolutely beautiful smooth red, and moreish aftertaste, without a doubt I will be purchasing again.

Try it you wont be disappointed, as you can see by my picture I brought a few!

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Freeing my inner child

Little Trinity  jumped in front of me, with her infectious smile, her big blue eyes, I couldn’t help but smile back watching her perfect blonde hair bouncing as she leapt with joy. Trinity  was 3, cheeky, busy and full of life ……. “Aunty please jump on the trampoline with me!”  My heart filled with love how could I say no, she is so precious, bursting with energy, her enthusiasm just melts my heart. “Of course Aunty will, as long as we can make a mud pies too!” With a screech of excitement she clasped my hand and led me out the door……….

For a moment I was lost in a daze, a mix of emotions that were old, new, and some familiar.  As I smiled at her with so much love, enchanted by her presence, I also felt like my heart was frowning. A twinge of my past flooded into my mind, I was remembering when I was once a little girl too. Trinity and I were so different, she was loved,  unafraid and protected by her loving mum and dad, Trinity was a priceless gem……My mind raced , I just couldn’t comprehend how anyone could bring harm to such an innocent soul, how anyone could not love and protect their child, any child.…..

As I drove away that afternoon from visiting my best friend and her little family, I reflected on my feelings and thoughts that had engulfed my mind. It was odd as this day was so different to the rest, it was the first time I had been aware of the way I felt in a situation and the reason why. I had found the answer why for many years I had struggled with every relationship in my life.

We all know Childhood is precious, from when we are born till we are about 5years old our brain develops and learns fundamental behaviours and cognitive functions. During this time a child is loved nurtured and cared for, this is what our parents and care givers do. This process creates healthy bonds, forming trust and security. Planting and instilling in us positive experiences that build secure attachments.  If you’re not sure the meaning of “secure attachment” please look up the definition, but because of this essential beginning a secure attachment in childhood allows children to resonate healthy relationships throughout life and into adulthood.

Now you’re probably asking yourself why is she going on about this, well for some of us, life was very different.  I want to open your eyes for a moment and take you back to when you were 3-4 years old. Maybe it’s your first memory, or just a secure feeling that you know so well. Maybe you felt loved, protected, your needs always met, someone wiped your tears and hugged your pain, you were priceless and precious, no one could hurt you.

Now imagine you’re 3-4 years old but life was very different, you are terrified, afraid and alone, the people around you don’t protect you, instead they hurt you, you’re exposed to watching and experiencing things that are just unimaginable. The only place that is safe is to stay unnoticed and hide. Sadly for some theses are their memories, this was their beginning and for me it’s the scars I bear deep in my soul.

As an adult I have become a creation of a 3-4 year olds ability to adapt and survive in a world where I was maltreated, my innocence taken, neglected and forgotten.

Into adulthood I have learnt to present myself as a well-adjusted, I can fit into any situation and no challenge is ever too big. If you met me tomorrow, you would never guess my past, I may just leave you wondering something was different. I would change myself to meet the needs of others repressing my innerself, what you see is a façade, I had become a chameleon this was my coping mechanism.

I had never felt love, security or acceptance because I have never been able to accept it, those vital teaching years did not happen. I only know my eluded safe version that just touches the surface

Finally I have reached a point in my life that I have become aware of who I am, my mind and heart have finally met. I know that my thoughts and emotions aren’t a product or my current environment but rather a product of my buried past. I know I can’t undo my past, but I have the opportunity to make peace with it. I can reflect and understand who I am and why. I can learn from my emotions, behaviours and realise that I am in control of my every thought and I can use this for healing rather than self sabotage. I now know I need to learn to love and accept myself so I can accept love from others. I have learnt that realisation and acceptance are the first step to healing, you become aware and face the truth.

They say time heals all wounds, I want to take it deeper than that, time gives you an opportunity to one day be ready to face your wounds and live a life accepting  your past by allowing it not to limit your future.

My little girl, now go and be free………


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Chocolate the forbidden fruit

There’s a magical feeling of unwrapping a block of chocolate, a sense of excitement and delight. The mouth-watering anticipation that takes over you as your taste buds wait in torment.

A feeling builds up inside you as you open the wrapper an uncontrollable desire to drown your existence with the decadent beauty in your hands .

With your first bite your endorphin’s run wild, its instant and exotic, biting into the rich, dense and creamy pleasure.

A longing lingers your satisfaction not met, as you finish the second row, questioning the thought for more as you lick your fingers engulfed in chocoholic day-dream.

“Yes” you whisper as you decide just to indulge in a little more…… one more row,….it won’t hurt….

Feeling slightly ill you look over to see what was once a full block and now devoured shame. You feel a sense of guilt rising , you were seduced, you gave into your guilty pleasure, gave into the forbidden fruit.

Chocolate it’s an addictive indulgence with an instant satisfaction and its origin derives from a place many wouldn’t know.
Hiding deep under the canopy of the rain forest, stands a tree clumped along a river bank. Encompassed by green leaves, white flowers and large colorful pods, the cocoa tree is a furtive surprise which holds the secret ingredient …..the cocoa bean.

Now please with this knowledge no longer be alarmed, deprivation from our guilty pleasure should no longer exist……… ” Chocolate was found in a rain-forest” a gift from Mother Nature her self ……… “Eat thy Chocolate”she said “its a plant a thy fruit, for you to consume in abundance and not a guilty sin.”

I say “Eat thy Chocolate….. but don’t stuff thy face”


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My whine…wine of the week

Fridays and a glass of red it’s like a match made in heaven, its my favorite day of the working week and thank goodness it’s finally over. The Long weekend is upon us which is such a delight to my ears. I have a few things planned for the weekend but for tonight while my children are out I have opted for a peaceful night in. The evening is a perfect night to stay home and catch up on some tasks , with wind and rain battering against my windows I knew I had made the right choice.  Into my Pjs I quickly transformed , with a glass of red in hand …..I thought to myself ……Tonight Im going to tackle the washing and fold the wretched clothes!…..

Being a parent comes with many tasks one in particular the washing, from everyday clothes, footy gear, work uniforms and towels the pile seems endless. It’s a horrid chore and I actually hate it! It’s not so much the washing I hate it’s the dreaded folding I loathe. I find when I undertake this menial task, I anticipate whats ahead always knowing what’s coming once I reach the bottom of the basket. Every time without doubt this task not only leaves me frustrated but mystified, let me share with you my reasons why……….

Every day I collect the washing from around our home, bedrooms, bathrooms and the odd piece left lying around.  The washing is washed, dried and put in a basket ready for folding. A couple of times a week I will grab the clean basket of clothes empty the contents on the table and proceed to fold it, and you can be pretty much guaranteed, that each time i do this that I will be always missing blasted socks……

As I find these lonely socks left without there mates, there is only one person I blame….and  his name is the “Sock Monster” He lurks in my house stealing socks which are never to be found again. Week in week out without fail he rummages through my washing, pinching socks that captures his delight. I don’t understand his fascination and I just dont know why…….why does the sock monster pinch our socks and why does he only ever take one sock leaving its pair behind?  ……
Now don’t you laugh because  I know I am not the only household who has this intruder! His brother loiters next door and Im pretty sure you have one hiding at your house too!

My frustration drives me wild it’s something I can’t ignore, especially when I succumb to the “Sock Monster Curse” and I end up in a desperate moment where I have no choice but to wear odd socks too!

So as I sip on my wine and contemplate the remnants of yet another sock thieving incident, I have a plan, tomorrow I am going to buy up bulk in only one style of sock and colour so im never left with an odd sock again! ……. and I swear dear Sock Monster if I ever catch you on one of your sock pillages in my house i hope to god for your sake you own a pair of shoes so you can run!

Thats my whine of the week… HA HA HA

This weeks more important Wine of the week Cabernet Sauvigon “Red Knot

I  selected a bottle of Cabernet Sauvigon “Red Knot” from Shingleback Mclaren Vale.       This week on my wine hunt I was drawn to the wine labels. I love wine labels and to be honest allot of the time I think they are what sell me the bottles I choose. I love trying new  wines and I’m always looking for something different. I was drawn to the bottle of Red Knot by its sense of elegance and intrigue and I wasn’t left disappointed, its a lovely wine smooth and rich which accompanied my rack of lamb impeccably well.

Advertised in BWS for normally $17 dollars a bottle and this week on special 2 bottles for $26 I couldn’t pass the offer. The Red was a perfect drop!Give it a go, I will be certainly enjoying my second bottle tomorrow night.

13434063_10154265516298276_1443653457_n Region:  McLaren Vale
Varietal:  Cabernet Sauvignon Knot: A rich wine from the McLaren Vale region of South Australia. As stated on the bottle Vibrant in colour and highly aromatic, this intensely varietal Cabernet Sauvignon displays ripe blackberry fruit and subtly framed with French and American Oak.

Thats this weeks whine …wine…up enjoy your weekend!

– AP

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Does your inner lion have a name?

Have you ever met your inner lion? I’m sure you have! I have met mine on a few occasions and sometimes I have found her by surprise. She is fierce, strong, and never afraid, her presences fills my soul with a spirit that nothing is impossible. In fact when I think about her and reflect on our encounters I have met her many times, she has become a close friend and allie her name is “Courage.”

“Courage” lives deep within my heart, she sleeps and stirs on occasion but for the majority she lays in wait. Sometimes I feel her move and my heart will thud, she seems to know when I’m needing her to be awake. Watching, listening she waits so patiently ready to pounce, sometimes for days only ever taking one step at a time giving me that needed nudge. I have in hard times mistakenly lost faith in my ability to believe that she has will always guide me and I lower my head in doubt. In those moments when I thought all was hopeless, she will immerse my spirit by taking control, filling me with strength, whilst carrying me through my darkest days.

I wanted to tell you about her today because she is so important to me and I know you have your own inner lion too. I think we forget sometimes that our lions lay waiting,  hidden deep within our hearts,  always ready for battle, giving us strength to overcome any storm in life.

Never be afraid, never give up, your inner lion “Courage” will always lead you along the path, for her nothing is impossible!  Always believe in her because she never stops believing in you.



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